Emotional wellness is comprised of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. But more important than those is how we handle and manage them.

Emotional wellness is comprised of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. But more important than those is how we handle and manage them. Emotional wellness is the basis for which mental health trends are based. It has inspired the movement for self-care, stress reduction, and relaxation. This emphasis on emotional wellness has come at a needed time. We are all so stressed due to the high pressures, hurried lifestyle, and instant gratification of our society. We feel this stress in a physical way, whether that’s through high blood pressure, heart attacks, depression, and anxiety. Even the good kinds of stress, like starting a new job or planning your dream wedding, cause the same kind of chemical reactions in the body. Finding natural internal and external techniques can make all the difference in our continued health. Here’s how you can find some emotional wellness.

Types of Stress

Survival Stress

Survival stress is most commonly thought of as our “fight or flight” reactions. And yes, many associate these reactions during times of peril, but that’s just the beginning. Survival stress also applies to your work, your home, or in everyday activities. You can be stressed about your survival if you’re worried about losing your job. You can also be stressed if you are nervous about being able to provide for yourself or your family.

Internal Stress

Internal stress is based in your mind. It includes things such as over thinking a situation or worrying for illogical reasons. Internal stress is extremely common and thrives in a tense lifestyle. Many that suffer from internal stress tend to fall towards depression and anxiety due to misfired chemical reactions.

Environmental Stress

Our body responds to the world around us. It includes variables such as noise, crowding, and pressure. Environmental stressors can be a bit easier to identify than internal stress. So, when you can identify your environmental pressures, you can do your best to help avoid or deal with them.

Fatigue and Overworking

We are surrounded by pressure. The pressure at work or at school. Pressures at home. Pressure from society or friends or family. All these can contribute to exhaustion and fatigue and in turn, cause stress. Many feel that this type of stress is out of their hands. They feel it is uncontrollable and therefore almost impossible to relieve.

“Stress symptoms may be affecting your health, even though you might not realize it. You may think illness is to blame for that nagging headache your frequent insomnia or your decreased productivity at work. But stress may actually be the culprit.” – Mayo Clinic

The Health Triangle

Health isn’t just about our physical body. Rather, to fully achieve optimal health, we need to think of it in three parts. Health is a triangle, comprised of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Finding a balance between the three is the optimal goal.

Self-care is often just thought of as taking care of our physical body. But often times we forget about our emotional self. Here are a number of techniques you can try to attain balance in all three sides of health.

  • Meditation
  • Massage
  • Reading
  • Praying
  • Hot bath
  • Hobbies
  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Playing or listening to music

The Importance of Emotional Wellness

We have become a society of “always say yes” with full workloads and even fuller calendars. Sometimes reducing stress and finding emotional wellness is setting more personal boundaries or just saying “no”. When we get sick, many of us immediately turn to doctors and drugs suppress our symptoms enough to power through. Sometimes our symptoms and underlying issues are the results of an emotional issue. Repressed emotions can create dis-ease of the body and in turn affect our overall health. There is no pill or program that immediately fix you. Sometimes you have to do the emotional digging in order to build a strong foundation on which you can live your best life.

Let Zock Family Chiropractic Help You!

Part of achieving our best physical and emotional health is through chiropractic care and massage therapy. Chiropractic care is focused on allowing our spine and nerves to work to their potential. This results in not only allowing our organs to function but for them to function to their best ability. Dr. Zock would love to discuss your concerns in regard to resetting your health. Her vast knowledge of natural supplementation and body processes make her a great guide in helping you make the best choices for your body. Contact our office in Cranberry today to schedule an introductory chiropractic treatment session. We can discuss your pains and needs as part of my initial chiropractic workup for you as a new patient to our practice!

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