What to expect when expecting

expecting mother

What to expect when you are expecting

During your initial visit, Dr. Zock will complete a detailed patient history and conduct a comprehensive examination. The exam may include postural assessment, gait analysis, neurological evaluation, and orthopedic testing. Dr. Zock will review her findings with you, ensure you have a thorough understanding of your symptoms/condition, and will discuss your treatment options.

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Sugar Slavery – isn’t it time to end your addiction to sugar?

Sugar Slavery

Sugar slavery – the historical record speaks about the relationship between the sugar trade in America and human slavery in the US.  But the real sugar slavery is our addiction to processed foods in the US.

Lately it seems that sugar, high fructose corn syrup and other variants of sweeteners are all over the news.  Sugar addiction can be blamed for a host of ailments and most doctors will tell you that no matter what your situation – you should cut your sugar intake. But what does sugar addiction actually look like? How do you know if you have been affected?

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What are ten tips for better hearth health?

Heart Health


Valentine’s Day makes February a natural for American Heart Month. How can you make sure your heart will keep going pitter-patter, without going kerplunk? Let us count the ways…

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