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Spinal Health and the Sun

Spinal health and the sun. The cold weather and snow are here. It’s officially winter, and with it can come some changes. Winter can be taxing on both our mental and physical strength. We have to cope with dark days, dropping temperatures, and biting winds. But don’t worry, we have good news. There are ways to […]


Can Cold Weather Cause Back Pain?

Winter is here! The snow is beginning to fall, giving us a break from the summer heat. The holidays are approaching. And in general, most of us are caught up in the holiday spirit. However, these colder months also mean pain for people who struggle with consistent inflammation or other spinal problems. Maybe you’re someone […]


Immunity-Boosting through Supplementation

Winter has said hello. Many of us think that we need an immunity boost as the changeable weather brings new germs and viruses. Especially as we tend to push the season with our clothing selections. What can you do to boost your immunity this winter? Why don’t you give immunity-boosting through supplementation a try?

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The Immunity Health Formula

The first snow of the season has fallen! But unfortunately, colds and sickness are falling too. How many of your coworkers and peers have been sniffling and coughing over the last few weeks? If you’re lucky, you too haven’t fallen ill yet. But if you’re feeling drained lately, you may find yourself surrounded by Kleenexes […]


Do You Suffer From Text Neck?

How often do you find your neck and shoulders sore at the end of a long day? If it’s a lot, you may have “text neck”. Text neck is the term used to describe neck pain and other damage sustained from looking down at your devices. When holding your head in this position, excessive amounts […]


Spinal Health: Cross Syndromes

Let’s talk about lower and upper cross syndromes. What are these? They are syndromes with various complications that can wreak havoc on the average person. Cross syndromes can decrease strength, flexibility, range of motion and lead to further degenerative processes (wearing down of the body – arthritis, etc.). Upper cross syndrome refers to the upper part […]

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The Benefits of Juicing

The benefits of juicing. Let’s be honest. Sometimes being healthy is really hard. Not all of us can be kale loving yogis who only drink water and green tea. Enter the juicing craze. New Juice bars are popping up on every corner. More and more people are buying juicers to make concoctions on their own. […]


Stop Slouching: Poor Posture Woes

Stop slouching and poor posture woes. How long has it been since someone told you to “sit up straight”? Kids get advice on their posture all the time, but some adults could definitely use a reminder. People who slouch throughout the day can be vulnerable to a wide variety of problems, including back pain.