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Water Intake: How Much Water Do We Actually Need?

How often do you hear the advice to drink eight, eight-ounce glasses of water throughout your day? The 8×8 rule is pretty easy to remember and seems like a pretty reasonable goal. Most healthy people have an easy time staying hydrated by drinking water and other liquids whenever they are thirsty. But as every one […]

Pregnancy Wellness – Massage and Chiropractic

Welcome to the last post of this three-part blog series on chiropractic care during pregnancy and the year to follow. So far we have covered the Webster technique, which is a series of adjustments made to get your baby into proper position for delivery. The week before that we discussed the structural science behind body […]

Webster Technique for Pregnancy

Pregnancy: The Webster Technique Last week, we launched this three-part blog series on chiropractic care during pregnancy and the year to follow. Last week, we shared three reasons to try newborn chiropractic care. We found that it elongated the newborn’s spine, which is crucial because it is during these first few months that the spine […]

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Welcome to our new three-part series regarding chiropractic care during pregnancy! Over the next few weeks, I want to share with you reasons why regular appointments with a chiropractor can help you both physically and emotionally throughout this magical time. Your body is going to drastically change over the next 9 months as it prepares […]

Newborn Chiropractic care – three reasons

Newborn chiropractic care. When you think of someone going to the chiropractor, the first people that come to mind are athletes, the injured, and the aging. Newborn babies most likely come to mind last or perhaps don’t come to mind at all. As adults, we associate the chiropractor with a lot of pressure, cracking, and […]

Lyme Disease symptoms and recovery

Lyme Disease – even though it is winter are you suffering from Lyme disease? In Pittsburgh, January and February are synonymous with wind chills under zero degrees and flu/cold like symptoms that seem to last until the frost melts. As the world freezes over, some may think they are in the clear from summertime diseases, […]

Immune System Boost with massage therapy

Massages are often marketed as a form of self-care; a 30-60 minute shortcut to calm down, relax, ease anxiety and tension, and even sleep better, but can it do more than just help a person relax? After such positive results with mental health, scientists have been wondering if massage therapy does anything to our physical […]

Boost your Immune system this winter

Avoiding the Season of Sickness: The Importance of the Vitamin D and the Immune System The Christmas Season is famously known as the “most wonderful time of the year.” The air is fresh and crisp and holiday lights illuminate in the dark night. As the snow starts to fall, we can’t help but envision sugar […]