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Harsh Chemicals, Why More People Cleaning with Chemical-Free

Cleaning is crucial when it comes to protecting our health. We’re exposed to toxins, bacteria, and other harmful invaders in our homes, schools, and workplaces. However, household and cleaning products—including soaps, polishes, and grooming supplies—often include harmful chemicals. The good news is that you can limit your exposure to these harsh chemicals. Not to mention […]


Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year. Spring has been teasing us with bursts of warm weather. With melting temperatures comes the promise of brighter days. Our motivation to come out of our winter hibernation states is growing. Many of us participate in this time of rebirth, especially when it comes to cleaning our homes. If […]


Resetting Health: Nutrition

A few weeks ago, we began the discussion of “Resetting our Health”. “To put it simply, we have become a culture of pill pushing and band-aid adhering. We take notice of our symptoms, rush to treat them and move onto the next thing without any more thought. We have stopped asking “Why?” and we have […]


CSA’s 101

“CSA” stands for “Community Supported Agriculture” and for over 25 years, CSA’s have been connecting consumers to local, seasonal food from farmers in their community. While technically you can support community agriculture through things like farmer’s and local markets, CSA’s of today has become synonymous with a once-a-week or biweekly box full of local, seasonal […]

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Destigmatizing Detox

Toxic is a word that continues to pop up in our culture. Toxic chemicals, toxic waste. Even toxic relationships. We are becoming exposed to more and more toxins in our everyday life. Once meant to be helpful and not intentionally dangerous, we are now learning of the alarming effects these chemicals cause. We are continually […]

Sleep and Heart Health

It’s coming to the end of February, and with that, so too comes a close on heart focused health. We’ve talked about the effects of fish oil supplementation as well as menopause and heart disease. But before we conclude this heartfelt journey, we wanted to talk about one final aspect of heart health, our sleep. […]

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The Silent Killer: Menopause and Heart Disease 

Heart disease is something that all of us face. As we age, our risk naturally increases. However, symptoms are becoming more apparent in postmenopausal women. To be clear, menopause does not cause cardiovascular diseases. Yet, a combination of lifestyle choices, family history, and unhealthy habits paired with menopause can cause certain risk factors to increase. […]